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M                 "           EXECUTION OF GEUL£tt K^DlK AT
atrocities had disgusted all his adherents, fled to Merath, and endeavouring to
escape from there at night alone on horseback, fell Into a well from which he
was unable to extricate himself. There he was found on the following morn-
ing by n Brahman peasant by name Bhikha, who had him seized and taken to
the Mnhratta camp. Thence he was despatched to Sindhia at Mathura, who
first sent him. through the bazar on an. ass with his head to the tail, and then
had him mutilated of all his members one bj one, his tongue being first torn
out, and then his eyes, and subsequently his nose, ears and hands cut off. In
this horrible condition he was despatched to Delhi; bat to anticipate his death
from exhaustion, which seemed imminent, he was hanged on a tree by the road-
side. It is said that his barbarous treatment of the Emperor, for which he
suffered such a condign penalty, was in revenge for an injury inflicted upon
him when a handsome child by Shah Alain, who converted him into a harain
It was in 1803 that Mathura passed under British rule and became a mili-
tary station on the line of frontier, which was then definitely extended to the
Jaimma. This was at the termination of the successful war with Daulan Eao
Sindhia : when the independent French State, that had been 'established by
Perron, and was beginning to assume formidable dimensions, had been extin-
guished by the fall of Aligarh ; while the protectorate of the nominal sovereign
of Delhi, transferred by the submission of the capital, invested the administra-
tion of the Company with the prestige of Imperial sanction. At the same time
a treaty was concluded with Banjit Sinh, who with 5,000 horse had joined
General Lake at Agra and thereby contributed to Sindhia'-s defeat. In return
for tins service he received a part of the districts of Kishangarh, Kathawar
Bewartj Gokul and Sahar.
In September of the following year-Mathur^, was held for a few days by the
troops of Holkar Jasavant Eao ; but on the arrival of reinforcements from Agra,
was re-occcpied by the British finally and permanently. Meanwhile, Holkar
had advanced upon Delhi, but the defence was so gallantly conducted by
Ochterlony that the assault was a signal failure. His army broke up into two
divisions, one of which was pursued to the neighbourhood of Farrukhab&d,
and there totally dispersed by General Lake ; while the other was overtaken by
General Fraser between Dig and Gobardhaa and defeated with great slaughter.
In this latter engagement the brilliant victory was purchased by the death of
the officer ia command, who was brought into Mathura fatally wounded, and